Fire on the Mountain Motorcycle Rally has the exclusive right to display, license, sell and merchandize all event novelties.  Fire on the Mountain Motorcycle Rally further has the right to inspect, approve, reject, or otherwise control the display, promotion, sale, or any other merchandising of products or services by exhibitors at the event at its sole discretion.

No signage may be displayed in exhibitor space displaying Fire on the Mountain Motorcycle Official Rally Merchandise, Rally Merchandise, Rally Tees, Event Tees, or any other language advertising the sell of event merchandise.  Merchandise designed to be represented as event merchandise will not be permitted and will be confiscated and not returned. 

Exhibitor agrees to hereby indemnify, save and hold harmless the event, event organizers, it's sponsor, their affiliated companies, officers, agents and employees, the city of Bristow, OK, and the Bristow Campgrounds from and against any loss, liability, damage, or cost. Releases may incur from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, penalties, judgments, and liabilities of every kind and description (including court cost and reasonable attorneys' fees) including but not limited to, injury or death of any persons, damage to or loss of property which are caused by, arise from, or grow out of the acts or omission of the exhibitor incidental to the Fire on the Mountain Motorcycle Rally or from any breach by exhibitor of any term or condition of this agreement.

Exhibitor hereby assumes full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, death or property damage arising out of or related to the Fire on the Mountain Motorcycle Rally whether caused by the negligence or releases or otherwise.


I, the vendor/registrant have read and fully understand the rules.  By typing my initials below I signify that I have read, fully agree and will comply with the rules of this event which are made part of this agreement by reference and fully incorporated herein. I have read and understand the rules of this event:

Vendor Registration & Rules

This is a Christian based and family oriented rally.  No offensive or inappropriate products are allowed!

 All vendors must complete this page whether you are registering by mail or registering online. 

Your registration will not be valid or honored if you skip completing this page.  

If you agree to comply with rally rules and disclaimer type in your initials:


 Please fill in Full Name:

Mailing Address:

City, State & Zip:

Phone Number:


Non Food Vendor - Yes or No:

10 X 10 @ $150.00:

10 X 20 @ $250.00: 

10 X 30 @ $350.00:

10 X 40 @ $400.00: 

20 X 20 @ $400.00:

Food Vendor - Yes or No:

    All Food Vendor Space is sold out.

10 X 10 @ $350.00:

10 X 20 @ $450.00: 

10 X 30 @ $500.00: 

10 X 40 @ $600.00: 

20 X 20 @ $600.00: 

Need Electricity - Yes or No:

List of Products to display and sell:

Comments or questions:


Print this page and then click "Submit This Form".  When mailing in your registration please enclose your check or money

order for the total amount. Registration will not be honored if not accompanied with check or money order.

Christian Motorcycle Events

PO Box 188

Gore, OK 74435

Mail registration deadline date is August 15, 2010.


Want to register and pay online? Click on the Paypal button to the right.


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